Introductory Courses to Health Economics

About AXIS Team and Courses

The AXIS team consists of highly experienced health economists and economists with either doctoral or master’s level qualifications from prestigious universities renowned for their expertise in health economics programs.

We have developed introductory level, five-day courses on health economics with a specific focus on applied health economics. Our courses provide in-depth knowledge in economic evaluation applications such as decision tree and Markov modelling, innovative financing, health technology assessment, market access, and more, to aid decision-making processes.

Our courses are uniquely designed to help participants improve their understanding and build their knowledge base in health economics. Whether delivered on-site for clients or at the AXIS offices, we continually update our content to ensure that we add value for all attendees.

Virtual Learning

We are launching our new online course in health economics and market access. The course is designed for healthcare professionals who are interested in furthering their knowledge in this field and who wish to do this in their own time, from their office or home environment. Delivered using a combination of video presentations, online tutorials and high-quality learning resources, the Axis Health Analytics blended learning programme will offer an innovative, interactive and flexible education experience.

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