Graphic of text "AHAPA Advanced Hobbyists& Amateur Photographers Association"

There have been many discussions on various groups about
who is a professional, and who isn't.

There are some of us who are into photography
because we love and enjoy the process.

There are others who are into photography
as a means to earn a living;
these are the professionals.

I thought it might be good to have a venue for the advanced amateurs and serious hobbyists to share ideas and network and learn from each other. We are artists who do professional level work, but are not working to make a living with this art.

Who should be a member of this AHAPA group?

  • Advanced Amateurs
  • Advanced Hobbyists
  • If you are into the Art of Photography more than you are into the Business of Photography
  • If you have more than entry level knowledge of the art, science, and technology of photography
  • If you have a portfolio of well crafted, composed, and edited images

Who Should Not be a Member, but can be a Mentor

  • The photographer who has a studio, or is making a living from photography, or who labels themselves 'Professional' on their web pages or business cards, unless they join as a 'Mentor' to assist the regular members to grow and advance as artists.
  • The photographer who is interested only is finding additional clients, or in advertising their work
  • The photographer who is just starting out, or who has a lot to learn about the art and science of photographer.

How to Join

  • Email a link to an on-line portfolio or album with ten of your best or most favorite images.


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